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Roja Dove perfumes is located in London, sold exclusively at Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie in Harrod's Department Store.  Roja Dove's philosophy of perfume is captured in this statement he made - "Nothing captures the past like a drop of perfume."

A statement about Roja that no one would argue with - Roja Dove loves perfume.  He worked for many years as Guerlain's Professeur de Parfums and then their Global Ambassador - the only non-family member to hold that position.  He launched his Haute Parfumerie in the Urban Retreat inside of Harrod's in 2004, carrying luxury, niche, and classic perfumes.  Eventually he started his own line of perfumes, introducing three of them at his launch - Enslaved, Scandal and Unspoken.  Since then, he has added more to the award-winning line, all with a classic feel.  

Roja Dove has also introduced a private line of bespoke perfumes. These are limited editions sold in a limited number of subscriptions.  Once the subscription is sold out, no one else will ever be able to buy that perfume but the people who bought the subscription.

He also wrote a book, The Essence of Perfume, covering the history of perfume and setting out some of the most ground-breaking fragrances and why.

Roja is a perfme historian, lecturer, and regularly gives presentations on perfumery. He is probably the most quoted and wanted speaker on perfume in the world.

Roja Dove Danger was a 2012 award winner, and it is an oriental that features notes of gardenia, rose, jasmine.

I met Roja Dove in 2010, and he is interesting, entertaining, and his love of the art of perfume comes through with everything he says.

Try a Roja Dove Sample Set of his first three fragrances to get an appreciation for his perfumes.


Roja Dove (Roja Parfums)

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