Soivohle perfume is a mostly natural perfume shop in Ohio founded by Liz Zorn in 2003. The name means “Sending Out Inspired Vibrations of Healthy Loving Energy.

Originally only making natural perfumes, Liz did start using some synthetics.  Most of the parfums/extraits are almost completely natural, and those are alcohol free. 

Soivohle produces some spectacular and unique perfumes, putting a twist on something familiar and making you think about it in new ways.

Liz became interested in perfumes as a teenager, but didn’t think a career in making perfumes was possible and pursued music and painting.  Then one day, she just wanted to give it a try, and proceeded to learn for herself.

Soivohle Meerschaum is the most amazing leathery tobacco.  Rich, full-bodied, a little bit green and spiced, it is just an amazing fragrance, especially in the winter curled up next to the fire.

Soivohle Oudh Lacquer is a revelation.  Oud, linden blossom, cocoa, it’s oud like it should smell – rich, a hint of chocolate, some beautiful florals that show up unexpectedly, and it’s one of the best things Liz has done.

Leather Krem is just what you don’t expect – leather with caramel and cream. It sounds kinky, and it is, just a bit, but it is also a beautiful scent.

One of the universal favorites of Soivohle – I’ve yet to find anyone who says they hate it! – is Violets & Rainwater. And it is just that, violets, soil, just after it’s rained.  It is pure joy to wear it.

Liz has just released four new scents in 2012, in time for the fall – Marron Caramel, Figgy Plum, Lavande Legato and Orris Ochre. She also now has a gift set - four 7 ml fragrances of your choice from the Studio Collection for $60. Soivohle also offers a bespoke perfume service.

You can buy full bottles of all of the Soivohle perfumes at their website.