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All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume…


All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume before you invest in a bottle. Unfortunately, we cannot refund any product that you do not like. If you are new to perfume or wanting to break out of wearing the same scent, try our starter sampler packs so that you can find the perfume that works for you.


Manor is a unisex woody, vanilla musk that is the scent of a once grand estate, now abandoned and left exposed to the elements. The faint scent of previous owners and their esteemed guests - exquisitely perfumed ladies mingling with the intense rich and musky scent of smartly dressed gentlemen - meets rich wood floors and heavy wooden doors long since opened and decaying beadboard and Wainscot topped off with a thin layer of dust. It is very sophisticated and absolutely intoxicating. Manor is sweet and rich due to the vanillas, woody and incensey from the oud blend and a touch of sandalwood. After hours on the skin it does smell much sweeter due to the vanillas, though the woody/incense element is still detectable. Manor features notes of vanilla, musk, sandalwood, aloeswood and oud. 

Created as part of a collection of fragrances based on the fictional town of Foxcroft, Maine. Manor is an eau de parfum, edp.

Solstice Scents Manor Reviews

Fragrantica: This is a great atmospheric fragrance. It really does smell like an old, dusty manor AT FIRST.. but if you give it some time a sweet, woody vanilla emerges and it takes center stage. My partner wore this and I loved that woodsy vanilla projection on him. This is such a comforting scent too and great for colder weather.

Fragrantica: I discovered Solstice Scents in fall of last year. Manor was one of the first samples I received. Honestly, I was not feeling it at first. But I found myself trying it a few days in a row. It was the dry down that got me. I was coming home from work trying to figure out what I had gotten into that smelled so good on me. It was Manor that I forgot I was wearing. The dry down actually reminds me of Wonderoud by CDG. It starts with a mustiness. Almost unsettling, as if you barged into an abandoned house not knowing what to expect. The comforting vanilla then lures you in even further. The oud and sandalwood show up making it more intriguing. I get an almost berry or fruity undertone as well. I first used this in fall and winter and thought it would only do well in the cold months. I wore it last week when it was in the mid 80s and it was just as great. Never became cloying or overwhelming. Super easy to wear anytime.

Fragrantica: Comforting and regal. This isn't a haunted, dilapidated manor - this is a royal palace. Upon first application I get a lot of woods, then it nestles down gradually into a musky and sophisticated vanilla. The dry down reminds me a LOT of the signature base of a certain historic French perfume line starting with a G. It lasts for ages on me, and I do keep wanting to smell my wrist. 

Fragrantica: I have recently obtained bottles of both the EDP and the parfum extrait of Manor, by Solstice Scents. Amazed by another devastatingly gorgeous & mysterious fragrance from this house! It smells of excessive a millionaire. If the theme of this fragrance was to be an olfactory depiction of a Manor house, the perfumer has been very successful in making that happen. The wood accords used in this fragrance are outstanding and are very reminiscent of aged hardwood flooring, and well preserved luxurious wooden furniture upholstered with leather. One of the notes present, but not mentioned is leather, and it lends itself well to the overall appeal and theme of the scent. Another note present, but not mentioned is the smoke note. It’s what gives this fragrance the real Manor house feel. It’s *NOT* the ‘barbecue’ or ‘ashtray’ note in a lot of smoky’s a smooth, realistic smoke note. It’s that beautifully eerie smoke note that is somewhat of their signature. 

Fragrantica: This became an addiction! All of the notes in this fragrance are appealing to me, and when they are all together in one bottle, OMG... I literally could not stop using this. I loved the way the fragrance would change on my skin as I wore it, the dry down is my favorite part. Soft, powdery, oudish,with a very sophisticated vanilla overtone, at least with my personal chemistry.The sillage was approximately 4-5 hours, then a skin scent. The projection was nice, people would always ask what I was wearing, but it was never a loud or "Bombastic" type of projection. 

Fragrantica: Manor is one of the best oud-vanilla combos I have tried, and right up on the top of my woodsy vanilla list. Keep in mind the vanilla is just a background tease; the woodsy notes are the main event here. This one leans more towards masculine and lasts forever on my skin. Can still smell it after a shower. Solstice Scents keeps impressing me with their quality and performance.