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Worth perfumes was founded by an Englishman named Charles Frederick Worth, located in Paris, and established in 1858 as a design house.  Worth made a splashy entry into the fashion business when Princess de Metternich wore one of their designs to a ball given by Empress Eugenie, and she fell in love with the dress, and the rest is fashion history.

When the founder died in 1885, his descendants made their first foray into the perfume market, launching Dans la NuitVers le JourSans AdieuJe ReviensVers Toi -from 1925 until 1932, all created by perfumer Maurice Blanchet, and using Lalique bottles.

Worth Je Reviens is their most well-known perfume.  Meaning "I return,", soldiers heading back to their home countries at the end of World War II gifted it to the women in Europe they loved during the war, promising a return that most often never came.  Caron N'aimez Que Moi (love only me) and Worth Je Reviens (I return) really need a movie, it would be at least a four Kleenex viewing.

Worth was sold in 1953.  All of the Worth perfumes were re-created in the 1980s, with varying degrees of success when compared to the original.

In 2003, Mounir Moufarrige breathed life back into the Worth line, re-launching Je Reviens as Je Reviens Couture, introducing a lingerie line, and launching a new perfume, Worth Courtesan.  The breath seems to not have held as the company appears to be out of business.

Worth Courtesan, though, was simply brilliant. Notes of cinnamon, cardamom, clove, pineapple, red berries, bergamot, orange blossom, egyptian jasmine, Turkish rose, woody notes, sandalwood, peach, caramel, raspberry, chocolate, cocoa beans, amber, vanilla and musk sound pretty much like hell.  But that base! You think you are getting this tropical number, and then the skanky base kicks in. Now, that doesn't seem to happen for everyone, but when it does, it is magical.  You can read a review of it at Perfume Posse and completely opposing reviews that are all over the place at Makeup Alley.