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All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume…


All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume before you invest in a bottle. Unfortunately, we cannot refund any product that you do not like. If you are new to perfume or wanting to break out of wearing the same scent, try our starter sampler packs so that you can find the perfume that works for you.


Supreme Vanilla is a feminine and sophisticated fragrance that reveals all the splendor of Madagascar vanilla. An inky accord next to a pink sugar note underlying a rich and captivating vanilla, while the elegant notes of tonka bean and cedar wood leave an intense and unforgettable trail. It features notes of tonka bean, cedarwood, Madagascar vanilla and pink sugar with a tinted accord. Supreme Vanilla is an amber gourmand fragrance. Supreme Vanilla is an eau de parfum, edp.


Fragrantica: On my skin, Supreme Vanilla is a rich, sweet creamy vanilla with a prominent ink note, which translates as something smoky with a slight metallic edge. There's a coldness to it. It's dark and mysterious. Definitely a cool weather vanilla. Unlike By The Fireplace (which I own and love) this lacks the warmth and coziness of that vanilla/smoke combo. Supreme Vanilla is more vampy, and maybe a little aloof. It's top two from this collection, along with Vanilla Vibration. Thankfully I don't get any fecal/animalic notes others have mentioned so you definitely don't need to "enjoy" fecal scents to wear this.

Fragrantica: Love, love, loveee this scent from the newly released “vanilla” lineup. I can pick up the ink stench very well and I am quite obsessed how it sits on my skin. The smokiness and the gourmand just makes this scent unique but very wearable for a sweet scent lover like me. The initial spritz could feel a little bit too inky and smoky but after some time blending into your skin, the sugary and tonka notes makes me want to sniff my skin all day long. Many compliments were gained when I'm wearing this!

Fragrantica: I'm gonna be really blunt with this one. Vanilla 28 with smoke! It's sexy and unisex. Nothing to do with Eilish or Black Opium in my opinion. Perfect for autumn, projection is insane.

Fragrantica: Something that smells like a smoky s&m darkroom located in the damp coal storage of an old building? FROM A MAINSTREAM PERFUMER? OKAY DIVA! this is frankly a new fave. You’re telling me that I can smell like an old tome that came alive and started doing a burlesque number? and it’s from Zara? of all places? This on my skin hits me with the musty ink note RIGHT away. It reads like Black Orchid almost where it just smells like earth, but without the patchouli that’s giving my nose backshots. It’s more of an earthy dusty magical book kind of smell, but it also reads of body odor ashtray which is kind of glam to me. Lurking behind it and waiting to pounce is the vanilla-y sugar cube note. There’s something sweet lurking behind the earthy ink always that makes it less of a coughing fit trigger and elevates it into something more… glam. it reminds me of a crème brûlée at times, but when it hits the vanilla time mark and the ink demons have been fought and won over, it really is such an earthy sweet vanilla that’s both powdery and woody. It almost reminds me of like Aquolina Pink Sugar’s older sister or Korres Black Sugar’s mother. It continues onto the drydown and frankly I wake up smelling like a roasted vanilla so that’s a plus.

Fragrantica: Wow - this is simply gorgeous for fall/winter!! It immediately reminded me of one of my all-time winter favorites (sadly discontinued), Aquolina Black Sugar - although this one has less "rubber notes" and subtle inky notes with a bit of chocolate instead. Sweet, smoky, warm and cozy; this is a new found love for me.

Fragrantica: Oh wow this is a beautiful creamy elegant vanilla, I absolutely love this. The ink note sets it apart and makes it interesting, and the dry down is mouth watering I can't stop smelling myself. This is my new favorite Zara perfume.

Fragrantica: Supreme Vanilla starts off with a very sweet vanilla, contrasted with a taunting and bitter ink note. When I first smelled it, I was pleasantly shocked but also scared that the ink was going to “ruin” the fragrance like most have said. But if you actually wear the fragrance and wait for it to dry down, you’ll see that the ink doesn’t stay around for long. After about 20 minutes, the ink moves far into the background and what’s left is a beautiful, sweet, dark vanilla scent with a touch of cedar. The sugar and tonka bean keep the scent sweet throughout its wear. This is one of Zara’s better performing fragrances, lasting at least 7+ hours on my skin with moderate projection. 

Fragrantica: This starts off with a strong blast of very sweet, sugary vanilla diluted in pure thick, black ink. This gives it a rubbery bitterness that remains for most of the wear. After around 3 hours, it loses its bitter edge and smells more like a smoky, sultry sweet vanilla. The dry down is nice enough, but the journey to get there is rocky indeed. The vibe: You are a pastry chef, and whilst making baklavas you accidentally spill a batch of sugar syrup all over yourself. You take a break, but 50 of your colleagues stand around you in a circle and simultaneously blow their cigarette smoke at you.