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Annick Goutal niche perfumes have stories behind them. Annick Goutal was a pianist, then rebelled against that fate, becoming a model.  While in the skin cream business with a friend she noted something missing - fragrance and packaging.  A chance encounter with a perfumer in Grasse, France, helped her discover her talent for creating fragrance.

She opened her first shop in Paris and launched her first fragrance, Passion, created with perfumer Isabelle Doyen for her own use in 1983.  Grand Amour was her second inspired composition from the floral bouquets her husband offered while courting. Eau de Charlotte and Eau de Camille celebrated her daughters. Annick Goutal created perfumes that didn’t follow trends and blended high quality natural essences. Sables is a warm spicy walk through wild flowers with vanilla and sandalwood undertones that was created for her husband, Alain Meunier. 

Her clientele grew along with the range of scents. Associating with Taittinger (champagne and Baccarat crystal) in 1985 provided the opportunity to launch her brand worldwide. Annick Goutal has been a perfume house with consistent, great perfumes that span a broad range of tastes. This perfume house also creates fragrances for the home, candles and home sprays. 

Annick died in 1999 at the age of 53 leaving more than 25 fragrance creations to her legacy. Her daughter Camille, who has collaborated with Isabelle Doyen to create their fragrances since then, is the creative force behind the company. Together they have created Mandragore, Songes and Un Matin d’Orage to name a few.


Annick Goutal

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