4 Perfume Resolutions for a Brand New Year

4 Perfume Resolutions for a Brand New Year

9th Feb 2022

4 Perfume Resolutions for a Brand New Year

New year, new scent? If you’re anything like us, you’ll be looking to revamp your fragrance wardrobe in the New Year. Check out our 4 perfume resolutions for fragrance lovers! From exploring new notes to testing out new brands, we've got you covered with everything you need to make 2022 your most fragrant year yet. Happy spraying!

Perfume Resolution Meaning, to us

To us, a perfume resolution is a promise you make to yourself. It can either be a way to tell yourself you’ll try new and different scents, to pare down (or up!) your collection, or to spread the fragrance-love to friends and family.

Perfume Resolution 1: Use up your entire mini

A strong perfume resolution is to make a promise to your mini collection: You’ll all be used this year. Make room in your fragrance collection for new scents: Once you’re done with one mini, try something new — for example, if you’ve just finished up a fruity perfume, switch gears and try an amber-based scent, like this sampler set.

Or, and if you really really love the mini you just finished, treat yourself to a large bottle or some of it’s sister scents! You can find complementary scents by searching for your favorite on our site, then perusing the sampler sets that come up.

Perfume Resolution 2: Give away your bottles collecting dust!

We’re all a little guilty of holding onto scents we know don’t vibe with our bodies. It doesn’t matter how much you love the scent on it’s own, if it doesn’t work for you, give it away and spread the love to your family and friends! Plus, samples and decants can evaporate or turn if left on your shelf. It’s much nicer to give them away than to have them disappear.

Perfume Resolution 3: Give the gift of choice

The best way to convert your friends or family into perfume lovers themselves is to give the gift of choice. Get them a perfume sampler set to try out a few different scents so whether they’re a fruity perfume lover or more of a spicy-scent aficionado, they’ll find something that will work for them.

Of course, you can always treat yourself and answer the question, which perfume next? with one of our sampler sets.

Perfume Resolution 4: for Men, Specifically

Whether you’re well-versed in scents or looking to dip your toes into the world of fragrance, as a man, you too should have perfume resolutions!

Make your 2022 perfume resolutions to try out new masculine scents.

We make it easy to try out new scents by grouping them by their predominant notes. Take a look at the following specifically masculine scents:

Perfume resolutions by year for 2022

As we head into a brand new year, it’s time to make some resolutions. These four perfume resolutions will help you find and love your scent, and set up your friends and family to do the same!

Use up those minis before they go bad in the back of your closet or drawer. Next, if you have bottles collecting dust on your dresser or vanity table, give them away as gifts. And, for special occasions, give the gift of choice by sending someone a sample set so they can select their favorite scents without having to do any work! If you’re into masculine scents, try something new with our sampler scents curated specifically for men and masculine folks. Get the perfume for you!