4 Tips for Evaluating a Great Perfume Sample Set

4 Tips for Evaluating a Great Perfume Sample Set

20th Aug 2021

A perfume sample set can be a great way to test out those fragrances that you've always wanted to try without the steep cost of buying a large bottle of each. After all, unless you're already familiar with the scents, you won't know which will resonate with your body's chemistry and your tastes, and a perfume sample set allows you to test a host of perfumes for a fraction of the cost. That can make it easier when it comes time to select your signature scent, all while knowing that there will be no surprises when you try it on at home.

The good news is that selecting a perfume sampler set couldn't be easier. Simply pick a set that appeals to you and you'll get a handful of perfume samples to try, mix and match however you'd like at home. That's better than heading into a store filled with so many fragrances wafting through the air that you end up taking home a completely inappropriate scent. And if you've ever returned home with the perfect fragrance only to find that it's hardly what you had intended, you know what we mean.

When you do get that perfume sample set home, here are some things to keep in mind to help you select the best perfume for your needs.

Don't Try Out Everything at Once

Just like the difficulty in testing out fragrances in a store, it's easy to get lost if you're testing that complete perfume sample set the second it arrives. The reason is that your nose will get overwhelmed with all those scents, making it even more difficult to get a sense of what you're actually dealing with. Instead, give your nose plenty of time in between each scent or try different scents on different days so you can give each fragrance a fair shake.

Don't Judge a Perfume From the Bottle

Perfume isn't something that you go around smelling out of the bottle all day, so why test it like that? Not only will you get the wrong idea of what a perfume smells like when it's in the bottle, you can also run the risk of overwhelming your nose. Furthermore, the base scents that settle in and take time to develop on the skin won't be given the chance to do so in the bottle, which ends up hiding the true nature of the perfume.

Be Careful of Mail Shock

When your perfume sample packs arrive in the mail, resist the urge to try them out right away. All that bumping and jostling will likely have upset those delicate fragrances. But all is not lost -- it only takes a day or two for those fragrances to settle, and testing them in a stable state will more honestly reveal the true scent. If you were to test that fragrance sample set immediately, you may end up inadvertently evaluating the wrong notes, so give them a chance to settle before use.

Apply the Perfume Correctly

It may seem silly to think about the correct way to apply a perfume, but it can really help during the evaluation period. Start by applying a small amount directly to the skin and proceed to gently rub it in. If the scent fades too much or you want a stronger representation, apply more until you hit your desired strength. It's better to add not enough than too much because you can always apply more.

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