Lifetime Luxury Is Just a Kilian Perfume Away

6th Feb 2021

Kilian by Kilian perfumes are tantalizing, yet subtle, luxurious fragrances

Kilian is from a French family with a rich history in the cognac and fashion industries. He’s the grandson of Moet Hennessy, founder of Louis Vitton, and his family has bottled premium cognac for generations.

As a kid, Kilian was mesmerized by the smells of cognac, and the creative spark lit by his grandfather set him up to become a legendary perfume artist.

In 2007, Kilian by Kilian was born with the promise of creating luxurious, sensual perfumes that are glamorous yet eco-friendly.

Every bottle of Kilian can be kept and refilled for a lifetime. The gold-toned spray pumps, black lacquer boxes, and meticulous engravings are designed to last. Such a beautiful encasing for you to refill at home or at any Kilian store — this perfume is the gift of a lifetime for your dear loved ones (or even yourself)!

Kilian by Kilian includes 4 perfume collections, each with its own fragrance, design, and inspirations:

  1. L’oeuvre Noire: A Taste of Heaven, Cruel Intentions, Liaisons Dangereuses. Those are just a few of many luxurious, black lacquer perfumes by Kilian. These fragrances are passionate with hints of vanilla, rose, and gardenia.
  2. Arabian Nights: these perfumes with oud wood are musky and rich. Concocted with jasmine, Turkish rose, and ylang-ylang, these fragrances as smooth as smooth can get.
  3. Asian Tales: a subtle, tranquil aroma. These perfumes are inspired by the strength, flexibility, and serenity of bamboo with fragrances of bergamot, citrus, and white tea.
  4. Garden of Good and Evil: fragrances that playfully cross back and forth on the frontier between what is Good and Evil. Gold tinted and imbued with bourbon, vanilla, and orange blossom, this fragrance brings you to heaven and back, just to remind you of your earthly sins.

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