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Kilian (By Kilian) French niche perfume house created by Kilian Hennessy the grandson of the famed cognac-making family.  A childhood among the Cognac wine cellars of his family and later creating fragrance for Christian Dior and Alexander McQueen, Kilian Hennessy launched his own fragrance house in 2007. 

In 2007, By Kilian fragrance house, with perfumers Calice Becker and Sidonie Lancesseur, launched the first collection L’oeuvre noire (“Black Masterpiece”).  There were to be fragrances added to the collection each year.  The original launch included the fragrances A Taste of Heaven, Beyond Love, Love by Kilian, Cruel Intentions, Liaisons Dangereuses and Straight to Heaven.  There were four more added to this line in the following years, Prelude to Love - 2008, Back to Black - 2009, Love and Tears – 2010 and Sweet Redemption – 2011.  This is said to complete this series.  With the launch into the fragrance industry Kilian desired to go back to the kind of perfume, luxury perfume, with gold leafing and beautiful bottles.  He created a bottle you could keep a lifetime, refilling with fragrance as needed.  The luxury packaging of By Kilian fragrances consists of a refillable bottle in a lacquer box with lock and key. 

Kilian launched the Arabian Nights collection in 2009 with Pure Oud.  It was followed in 2010 with Rose Oud and in 2011 with Amber Oud and Incense Oud.   This series is said to have one more fragrance, Musk Oud. 

The year 2012 also saw the first in the Asian Tales collection with Bamboo Harmony and Water Calligraphy and the promise of three more releases, The Peony Pavillion, The Peach Flowers Water Source and The Lotus Flower and the King Dragon. 

Next up is the Garden of Good and Evil series, based on the evolving phases of love.  It will launch with Forbidden Games, Good Girl Gone Bad and In the City of Sin.

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Kilian (By Kilian)

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