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Caron Pour un Homme was released in 1934, created by Ernest Daltroff, it is a classic cologne. Its brilliance is its simplicity, blending lavender and vanilla with a wee bit of musk in the base. It is considered one, if not THE, of the first colognes aimed at men in the world. But it is pretty unisex and not an overly masculine scent. It has endured for a lot of decades and keeps gaining admirers in every generation.  This is an EDT, eau de toilette.

Caron Pour un Homme Reviews

From Basenotes - "Once you’ve acquired a taste for it, it is one of the most consistently wearable masculines in production. The materials are good, and largely reformulation-proof, the longevity is decent and the sillage will certainly wake you up in the morning before settling down to a discreet and office-friendly allure that isn’t bad for yard work either (mixes well with sweat.) Great after a shave, pleasant before bed and something that someone you love will enjoy smelling on the collar of your shirt."

From Bespoke Unit - "In spite of its simplicity, the bouquet is complex and tantalizing. Evocative of a spring morning as the sun touches the dewy greenery, it’s quite breathtaking and a unique experience. Meanwhile, the clary sage and sandalwood notes are mild yet create depth behind the lavender and vanilla."


Basenotes        Fragrantica 

Perfume Name Caron Pour un Homme
Year Introduced 1934
Perfumer Ernest Daltroff
Gender Masculine
Strength EDT, eau de toilette
Notes Lavender, rosemary, bergamot, lemon, clary sage, rose, rosewood, cedarwood, tonka, moss, vanilla, musk
Country of Origin France

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