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Caron Yatagan sprung into existence in 1976, named for the Turkish saber of the same name, at the pinnacle of big hair and gold chains draping across hairy chests.  An oriental chypre with no flowers, this scent is a powerhouse classic that is much beloved by both men and women that are in the cult following for this fragrance. You do need to spend some time with this fragrance to really appreciate it, but then again, not everyone loves it.  Old school, but not dated, and slightly unruly, like those big eyebrows that also were part of the '70s.

Caron Yatagan Reviews

From Basenotes - "Starts off with an "in your face" alcoholic blast which is not overly pleasant but soon drys down to a lovely piney, herbal, leather concoction which is extremely manly and a reminded of how things used to be in male perfumery in days gone by. Something that I personally love to wear although the new kids on the block might be slightly offended especially by the opening. Probably one of my favorite ever fragrances. Has an addictive quality to it where you just can't stop sniffing yourself.

From Perfume Smellin' Things - "Yatagan smells of grass, moss, earth, leather and hot, hungry, cruel bodies. It is an uncompromisingly dry and austere fragrance with no frills, i.e. no sweetness and no flowers. The first accord hits you with dark, sharp greenness of wormwood and artemisia, and after that aggressive start the scent never subsides, never relents. It gets darker and earthier, with notes of patchouli, vetiver, moss and labdanum being most prominent in the composition. Several wonderfully weird hours later, the leather and musk creep in bringing an even drier and quite animalic quality to the blend. Dirty, dry, devilishly alluring, Yatagan is one of the strangest scents I have ever loved, a dark balm for my “Mongolian” soul.

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Basenotes        Fragrantica 

Perfume Name Caron Yatagan 
Year Introduced 1976
Perfumer Vincent Marcello
Gender Masculine
Strength EDT, eau de toilette
Notes lavender, wormwood, petitgrain, artemisia, geranium, pine needles, vetiver, patchouli, leather castoreum, styrax
Country of Origin France

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