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Demeter fragrances launched the reality scent movement.  Christopher Brosius, who now owns CB I Hate Perfume, co-founded Demeter in 1993 with Christopher Gable, and the first scent they released was Fresh Water.  Fragrances they create are prompted by memories, by a specific thing, they come out of the bottle and smell just like the thing they said they were, whether it was Play-Doh or Crayola.

Each Demeter fragrance is linear. It's not perfume with notes that wax and wane, drying down to become something else.  They stay the same from the moment you spray them until they wear off or you jump in the shower.

It is this lovely thing to smell something, like Wet Garden, and immediately be taken back to that time when you worked alongside your mom in the garden on a damp summer day, the smell of fresh rain, rain-soaked earth and lush greening veggies.

Mark Crames took over the company in 2002, and it is located in Pennsylvania.  The best selling fragrances in the Demeter line-up are Pure Soap and Baby Powder.  Those two are followed by Dirt, Tomato Grass, Sex on the Beach and Laundromat.  They have also licensed brands to re-create their scent, like Hershey's Kisses, Junior Mints, and Dots.


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