Dior Sauvage

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Dior Sauvage  - a modern interpretation of the original Dior Eau Sauvage was introduced in 2015 in an edt. The EDP version was released in 2018, created by Francois Demachy.   Intended to highlight other angles of Sauvage, oriental and vanilla, it has notes of bergamot, pepper, lavender, ambroxan, spices, star anise, nutmeg and vanilla.

This is Dior Sauvage EDP (eau de parfum). 

Reviews of Dior Sauvage EDP

 From Basenotes - "You smell the stuff from far away and you get a very pleasant citric trail, but up close it gets truly "savage", hence the name. With the eau de parfum variant, vanilla replaces patchouli in the base, while nutmeg and anise replaces geranium in the heart, making a much smoother and rounder experience. The notorious norlimbanol is toned down and the ambroxan is given room to breath as a proper ambergris-like glow emerges, without a course sandpaper dryness. "

From Influenster - "Dior Sauvage is elegant and unique. My husband wore it and it has an amazing fragrance that lasts a long time. The scent is super amazing and enlivens the atmosphere. I love knowing that my man is wearing something that he also loves."

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