I Profumi di Firenze perfumes is an Italian perfume company.  It was launched in 1966 by Dr. Giovanni Di Massimo.  Caterina de Medici perfume recipes had been uncovered after a big flood in Florence.  I Profumi di Firenze launched their company with the original perfumes.  The shop and laboratory were located on the Piazza Della Signoria, though production facilities were eventually located in a larger building to allow them to export.  I Profumi di Firenze perfumes are distributed worldwide.

One of the best perfumes in the line is Ambra del Nepal, with notes of amber, cardamom and vanilla.  This is pale, effervescent amber that strikes beautiful, rich amber chords.  There’s a spicy sweetness to it. It’s warm and cuddly and really exquisite.  I Profumi di Firenze Vaniglia del Madagascar is another well-loved perfume in the line, a floral vanilla, it gives you that Cupcake smell but without the frosting.

One of the more frustrating things about this Italian perfume line is that they don’t export all of their fragrances to the United States, and the difference in price between what you pay for them in Florence and what you pay for them anywhere but Italy is vast, about 4x their Italian retail price.  So when in Florence, visit their little shop on the Piazza, it looks like a drugstore, right next to that fabulous little restaurant, and stock up for about 18 euros apiece on as many as you want!

Some others in the line that should be tried – Caterina de Medici (the original fragrance that it is said she actually wore), Fiori del Ciello (bright narcissus and iris), Iris di Firenze (greened iris), Tuberosa d’Autunno (tuberose), Violetta de Bosco (beautiful violet perfume, Talco Delicato (spicy musk, slightly powdery), spezie de Medici (spice, spice and more spice) and Magnifico I: Miro Imperiale (myrtle).

I Profumi di Firenze

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