Keiko Mecheri perfumes have been crafting niche perfumes for many years.  Born in Japan, a gifted pianist and painter, Keiko attended UCLA and then began her education in perfume-making, bringing her artistic gifts in other arts with her. She now resides in Los Angeles with her husband, Kamel, who is also her partner in the business, and two children.

Her childhood in Atami, Japan, and the scents that surrounded her are a big influence on her today – wisteria, hinoki and incense.  Her palette of materials she works with is not limited to those at all. 

Loukhoum has been one of her best-selling perfumes, a tribute to Turkish Delight – rose, almond and honey. Genie des Bois was an early perfume she created and still one of the favorites in the line, woody violet with woods.

In 2012, Keiko Mecheri introduced her line of bespoke perfumes, 7 perfumes of the finest quality raw materials. These are rich, sumptuous perfumes.

Ambre Mirabilis is a sultan’s palace with smoke, spices, amber and salt.  Bal de Roses, using the rose that is one of Keiko’s favorite materials to work with, is surrounded with musk and white flowers and spices.  Canyon Dreams is bright and citrusy on the open, warmed with spices, smoke and pepper. 

Keiko Mecheri Cuir Fauve is a leather fragrance with smoke and spices. Soussanne is a gorgeous white floral, a little wispy and romantic.  Tangeri is a masculine fragrance with forest notes and suede.  Vetiver Velours is all about the vetiver, earthy, with absinthe and spices.

Un Jour d’Ete also was introduced in 2012, and whisks us away to St. Tropez with notes of lemon, petit grain, mandarine, florals, aromatics, amber and musk.  And if you’re a fan of the Camellia and can’t ever find a camellia perfume? Try her Camellia, lovely with tea, plum, camellia, magnolia, woods and amber.