Kerosene is a new line by a self taught perfumer John Pegg (Kerosene Trewthe).  A You Tube perfume reviewer turned indie perfumer, Pegg’s only research was how to dilute oils and aroma chemicals.  He builds his fragrances one note at a time and is drawn to warm notes as he originally hails from Michigan.  His name came from his love of motors, oils and garage scents and also reflects that he came from Detroit.  He hand makes all of his fragrances and also hand paints all of the bottles using a high quality automotive paint followed by a clear coat.  He states that the result “is as if a shiny, classic metallic Ford collided with perfume and songs by The Cure resonate out of tiny speakers from the clunky 8-track player.”

His first fragrance was launched in 2011 (R’oud Elements) and he followed with six additional fragrances, two of which will be released shortly.  The six fragrances are Santalum Slivers, Whips and Roses, Copper Skies, Creature, and the soon to be released Wood Haven and Field of Rubus.

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