Laurent Mazzone (LM Parfums) Cicatrices (Intimacy Collection)

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Laurent Mazzone (LM Parfums) Cicatrices (Intimacy Collection)
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Cicatrices is part of the Intimacy Collection and is the French word for scar. It is meant to convey a world of shadows. From the press information: “To inspire intimacy, you must have memories. To have memories, you need to have lived. If you have lived, you will never forget. Welcome to the world of shadows, where the positive and the negative are not defined, where they are interlinked for if there is no negative, there can be no positive. Full of contradictory revelations, Cicatrices provokes new memories to arouse your intimacy. Your skin develops a new invisible scar, a silent presence reflecting a personal emotion that will be forever marked on your soul. This communication with your soul connects you to the heart of the fragrance. Prepare your heart for a new scar, prepare your soul for Cicatrices.”

Cicatrices is a contradiction; a collection of opposing notes. It is a gorgeous iris scent touched with the anise-scent of licorice and the smokiness of patchouli and leather. Not too sweet or gourmand, just sexy as all get-out!!

It features top notes of licorice and bergamot; middle notes of myrrh, iris and leather; and base notes of patchouli, vanilla and labdanum (rockrose). Cicatrices is an extrait de parfum.