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Parfums MDCI was founded by Claude Marchal in Paris, France, and it is a small, niche perfume company, whose founder is warm, creative and pretty funny, which I found out after I met him in Paris, after months of him telling me he was 83 - and he is not, as me and my whole famliy laughed with him about over some amazing Parisian hot chocolate.

When the company started, he wanted the perfume bottles to be works of art and the perfume that went in them to be based on the historical character on the bottle's bust - typicially Renaissance figures.  He believe perfumes are art, and he gets some of the best perfumers in the world to create his scents.  There was much eye-rolling in the perfmista community when the scents first arrived because of the bottles and the price tag for the bisque, but once we all started talking to Claude, it was impossible to not like him and wish for him all the success - not just because we all liked him, but because he loved perfume and his scents represent the best of perfumery.

I did an interview with him on Perfume Posse

Claude launched the company with a few scents - Ambre Topkapi, Invasion Barbare, Rose de Siwa, Promess de l'Aube, and Enlevement au Serail. For the first few months, they didn't have those names, they were just the perfumer's initials and a number - SB1, FK1, etc.  I still have trouble remembering their names.

The perfumes are made with quality raw materials, an artistic sensibility that is also practical - that these are perfumes that want to be worn and to waft in the air.  Have fun exploring this line, there is much to love in these perfumes.