Miller Harris is a niche perfume company based in London, created by Lyn Harris.  With 20 years plus in the perfume industry and after an education on perfumery in Paris and Robertet in Grasse, Lyn launched Miller Harris in 2000.  Focusing on using natural raw materials and the smells found in nature, Miller Harris produces beautiful traditional perfumes with a unique viewpoint.  Just when you think you know what Miller Harris is all about, they will surprise you.

Some of the perfumes she started the line with are – Citron Citron, Coeur de Fleur, Feuilles de Tabac, Fleur Oriental and Terre de Bois.

Miller Harris Fleurs de Sel was launched in 2007, and it is a gorgeous rendition of a memory of her family home in Batz sur Mer in Brittany, France, with notes of rosemary, thyme, clary sage, angelica, salt, iris, rose, narcissus, leather, amber, oakmoss and vetiver.  This fragrance is salty and earthy and unlike about anything else out there.  Fleurs de Sel is referring to salt harvested from the sea; it is the top layer of salt that is scraped before it sinks.  Brittany is where they collect the French fleur de sel.  This fragrance is not aquatic, it is all about salt and earth and an amazing rendition of a place and time.

L’Air de Rien is another startling departure for this line.  Jane Birkin, a famous French singer and actress, is the creative force behind this fragrance. She wanted smells of her father’s pipe, floor polish, empty chest of drawers, old forgotten houses.  The reviews and interpretations of this scent are remarkably diverse.  Comparisons to cat butts, abandoned underwear before the wash and even filthier things would leave most people planning a wide berth. Those that don’t find it absolutely memorable.  L’Air de Rien is worth experiencing.  This is a deeply indolic leather scent with some animalics.  Notes of neroli, orange blossom, oakmoss, amber, musk and vanilla.

In 2006, Miller Harris created Rose en Noir as an exclusive fragrance for Liberty London, a lovely plummy rose with hints of saffron.

There are a lot of options with Miller Harris. Try a Miller Harris Fleurs de Sel perfume sample to experience the most unique perfume in this line.