Orto Parisi Terroni

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All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume…


All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume before you invest in a bottle. Unfortunately, we cannot refund any product that you do not like. If you are new to perfume or wanting to break out of wearing the same scent, try our starter sampler packs so that you can find the perfume that works for you.


Terroni is inspired by the roots and the land around the volcano Vesuvius, presented in a fiery red color, Terroni is bursting with doses of spice, earth and deep, musky woods. The scent is deep, intense and earthy. The fragrance opens with smoky tendrils of birch tar, spices and patchouli with a pronounced accord of dusty cocoa. Warm woods and mosses round out the scent. This chypre fragrance was created by Alessandro Gualtieri and launched in 2017.

In information from the website: 'There's something powerful and fulfilling about putting your hands in the soil, the feeling that you got all the roots in your hands and knowing that the Earth belongs to all of us.' Terroni is, foremost, a fragrance that celebrates the earth in all of its power. This fragrance is dedicated to all of the people from the south who seem to be rooted in tradition, family, food and most importantly earth and fire. Vincenzo (Alessandro’s grandfather) was from the south of Italy; he always had his hands in the dirt/earth fertilizing the garden. 


Fragrantica: Wow! This one is pretty serious. Very earthy and warm. Projection is great and longevity is eternal. Two sprays is just enough otherwise you will lose the beauty of the scent and intoxicate yourself and all around you. It's a real beast. 5/5

Fragrantica: WOW. Terroni is really a masterpiece. This was love at first sniff. It's cozy smoke and ash. I smell some incense in it too. All this enveloping some hard to describe spiciness and muskiness. Enormous longevity (12+h) and great sillage. More than 12h after spraying my chest and the back of my neck, I still get wafts of Terroni. Simply amazing. Terroni definitely leans masculine, but it's perfectly unisex. Beautiful and unique.

Fragrantica: Beginning to end, Terroni offers a lot of notes and the “journey” is 10+ hours for me. It’s very deep “burning wood” smokiness, lot of “dirty earthiness”, it’s a dark & warm fragrance definitely leaning on masculine side. I would not recommend to blind buy unless you are not beginner with niche perfumes and you are into smoky dark gems. Amazing choice for long winter/fall evenings.

Fragrantica: Genius. Volcano, burning earth, lava - Gualtieri turned on my imagination on maximum. Starting with sweet pomegranate juice that disappears pretty quickly, a bit of smoke, and earthiness, followed by a pomegranate peel and soot. It stands in this state for probably 2-3 hours, then pomegranate juice comes back and in this state, it remains on the skin until you wash it off.

Fragrantica: Terroni is very warm, dirty and smells like a chukar nest. As if chukar birds smell is the main ingredient of this juice. It’s a piece of art, deep and very dark. Idk I need more time with it. There is a slight similarity between this and Black Afgano. But in my opinion BA is fresher and lighter. This one is warmer and heavier. Terroni performs so well, the projection is different than that of other fragrance this one feels as if it’s your sweat or your body odor it disappears and comes back. But over all, projection is very well. Skin scent after a few hours as a skin scent lasts for 24 hours sometimes more. Update: This is the most addictive scent. Masculine, dirty, dark, sexy and unique. I’m in love with it after spending sometime using this beautiful scent. Performance is beast mode. I am in love with Terroni.

LuckyScent: Orthogonal to everything else you own (trust me), this marvelous thing builds a bold, earthy, spicy scent on a base of...cocoa, or at least cocoa’s powdery-smoky aspect. And yet it’s not a gourmand, even with the sturdy spice cohort also present; what could be mouthwatering in a different context is bigger and more elemental here. The composition puts me in mind of sea breezes moving over volcanic rock and rich humus soil. Beautiful, specific, and unusual.


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