Parfumerie Generale is the niche perfume house created by Pierre Guillame, launched in 2002.  He has two other lines, Phaedon and Huitieme Art parfums, that were launched later.  His perfume shop is located in Paris, though he has no actual store, he sells his perfumes through other retail outlets.  Pierre described his approach to perfumes, "Luxury is not a question of being excessive and the quest for a modern note must not result in overly intellectual perfumes that are impossible to wear.”

Guillaume had a career working in the cosmetics industry as a chemist before he became a perfumer.  When he launched his perfume line, it was with several perfumes. Coze, the first one, used a photoaffinage technique.  There are now over 40 perfumes in the line, all of them are unisex.

There are many standouts from this line, and Pierre Guillame is a prolific perfumer.  In addition to his standard line, he has some private collection fragrances that, if you know the right number and you throw salt over your shoulder and hug your cat three times, you might be able to purchase one.  Some of them have joined the regular line-up.

Bois Blond is all hay goodness. If you have a memory floating around about hay, grab this and relive it!  Parfumerie Generale Tonkamande is flour and pastry, a lush gourmand.  Indochine is an oriental with some rather weird twists, but all smoothed over.  Parfumerie Generale L'Oiseau Nuit (Night Bird) is leather, a little sweet, then smooths out beautifully.

Psychotrope is jasmine all leathered up.  Drama Nuui is jasmine infused with absinthe.

So I think you must have figured it out by now.  Pierre takes the traditional and adds enough weirdness to make it interested, but not so much that you're afraid to leave your house once you've sprayed it on.

Have we mentioned that Pierre is gorgeous?  Just go Google it and you'll see.  You can read about all of his fragrances at the Parfumerie Generale website

Parfumerie Generale

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