Parfums de Rosine is a French perfume company based in Paris, currently owned by Marie-Helen Rogeon.  Paul Poiret was the original founder of this company in 1911, which failed during the Great Depression.  Poiret had named the company for his deceased daughter, Rosine. He founded another company as well, Les Ateliers de Martine, which was named for his other daughter.  Poiret was a fashion designer who was much in vogue during that era, and it is very possible that he produced the first designer perfume, not Coco Chanel.  His father was a cloth merchant in the Les Halles neighborhood of Paris (still a little sketchy today!), and they apprenticed him out to make umbrellas.  Re-purposing the leftover silk scraps from the umbrellas, he made doll clothes.  Later he sold his clothing sketches to the best design houses in Paris.  Eventually he established his own design house in 1903.

In 1991 the company was re-launched by Marie-Helene Rogeon.  Her family had had a history with the Poiret family business.  Rogeon had an interest in fragrance from her childhood, and re-opening this company was an expression of that passion as well as embracing family history.  She had spent her childhood playing with the old bottles, boxes, tassels and labels from the now-defunct Rosine company in her parents’ attic. None of the formulas for the original perfumes survived, so she started all over designing rose perfumes.  She did find some text describing La Rose de Rosine. Using that text, she worked with Francois Robert (son of Guy Robert) to reconstruct that one original Rosine perfume.

Parfums de Rosine features the rose note in all of its perfumes, mastering every aspect of the rose fragrance in unique ways.  Rose d’Ete was the first perfume launched in the line in 1998, and it adds a zippy fruit note to the roses.  Ecume de Rose is a salty rose.  Kashmirie Rose is a glorious spice and myrhh and incense rose. Rose Praline was launched in 2008, and it is a vanilla rose with hints of chocolate.  In addition to women’s perfumes, Parfums de Rosine has some masculine rose fragrances – Rose d’Homme (leather and musk), Rosissimo, and Twill Rose.  Men’s fragrances with rose are amazing smelling, and more men should wear rose!

Anyone who loves the smell of roses, even if you think you don’t like rose perfumes, should try this line. The rose treatment in every perfume is unique, showing another facet, making it darker, spicier, sweeter, and fresher.  You really cannot believe how many different ways you can make rose smell by just adding a new twist on notes. These are not old-fashioned rose perfumes, heavy and dusky. These are dew-laden and beautiful.

ad a fascination of perfume and perfume bottles from an early age and valued that in her creations using natural ingredients and beautiful package presentation.  The roses used in her compositions come from Bulgaria and Turkey and Grasse.  Her creations for women classify as fresh and zesty or powdery and woody.  For the men, woodsy and oriental like Rose d’Homme or woodsy and fresh like Twill Rose.  Try a pick sampler of Parfums de Rosine with our Rosine sampler pack - pick three and discover this house of the Rose.