Parfums DelRae is a perfume shop based out of San Francisco, created by DelRae Roth in the year 2000.  Passionate all of her life about perfume, DelRae wanted to create perfumes that were modernized French perfumes.  DelRae Roth’s background is a graphic artist, working for many large clients and eventually starting her own graphic design firm.  Her perfumes are manufactured in Grasse, using 17-20% perfume concentration, which is a very high percentage of concentrate, and the finest in raw materials. 

Michel Roudnitska (son of Edmond Roudnitska) designed several of the perfumes in the line – Bois de Paradis, Amoureuse, Eau Iluminee, and Emotionnelle - with Yann Vasnier creating the other perfumes

There are currently 8 perfumes in the line, Bois de Paradis (resinous, spicy, almost boozy), Amoureuse (big white honeyed floral), eau Illuminee (iris, lavender, oakmoss and tonka), Debut (green floral, lily of the valley, linden blossom, cyclamen), Emotionnelle (melon, violet, prune clove, vanilla), Coup de Poudre (Rose de Mai from Grasse), Panache and Mythique (exquisite iris with ivy, peony and jasmine).

Parfums DelRae Mythique is a tribute to Diane de Poitiers.  Henri II kept her as his mistress, and it was noted that she was brilliant and very charming.  Mythique is one of my favorites in the line because of the buttery quality of the iris, with the peony brightening it.  It’s Bois de Paradis that is a big favorite in the line.  This is so rich, dark blackberries swimming in spices and amber.  It has a sweet boozy quality that is addictive and unlike about anything else out there.  Amoureuse is BIG.  Inspired by San Francisco’s many box trees, they threw in a lot of tuberose, jasmine, lily and honey. It is beautiful, but it is bigger than life, so go easy on this stuff or you’ll clear the room.

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