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Ramon Monegal is a pefume shop out of Spain.  A descendant from the perfume house of Myurgia, located in Barcelona.  Ramon Monegal received extensive training in perfumery in France and Spain, creating his first perfume for Myurgia in 1979, Alada.  After Myurgia was acquired by Puig in 2000, Monegal did stay on for a time, but eventually launched his own perfume line in 2009 bearing his name.


The Ramon Monegal perfume line now includes 14 fragrances and became available in the United States in 2012.    One of the more remarkable perfumes from the line is Impossible Iris - an almost universally loved iris scent, which seems to be impossible with the diverse tastes in iris, with notes of iris, mimosa, raspberry, ylang-ylang, jasmine and virginian cedar.  

Ambra di Luna is his other widely loved scent with notes of amber, labdanum, egyptian jasmine, castoreum and sandalwood.  It is a buttery soft amber fragrance that every amber lover should try.

Ramon Monegal

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