RETRO - Faberge Turbo Cologne

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All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume…


All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume before you invest in a bottle. Unfortunately, we cannot refund any product that you do not like. If you are new to perfume or wanting to break out of wearing the same scent, try our starter sampler packs so that you can find the perfume that works for you.


RETRO - Faberge Turbo Cologne 

Year Introduced: 1980 (Perfume Intelligence and Basenotes) and 1982 (Fragrantica)

NOTES: Top notes of lavender, rosemary, cumin, anise, bergamot and petitgrain; middle notes of cedar, pepper, marjoram, geranium, clove, fern and patchouli; and base notes of oakmoss, musk, ambergris, leather and tonka bean


Turbo is a spicy aromatic cologne that launched in 1980 and was discontinued in 1984 according to Basenotes. It's slogan was "Turn It On".

Magazine advertisement:

Turn it on. Turbo by Faberge. A very new fragrance for men. It's supercharged!

There was a giveaway in the early 1980s where Faberge gave away two grand prizes of a Datsun 280-ZX Turbo sportscar (which they used in their Turbo advertising) along with VCR/Audio systems, Apple II Plus personal computer systems, Leica R-4 cameras and lenses, Yamaha Seca Turbo motorcycles and 500 Faberge Turbo gift sets.

Fragrantica: I found in a little store for few euros Turbo by Faberge. This is an "absolutely 80's". It opens citrus but then became very herbal, dense and aromatic, with a barbershop taste. On my skin it's not a beast, it's average in longevity and sillage. Good for any season but summer. Scent: 7.5, longevity: 7, sillage: 7.5, versatility: 7, uniqueness: 7.5, bottle: 7.5, my vote: 7.5. In one word: Turbooooo!

Fragrantica: My dad was using this fragrance in 80s .. still remember it .. it's my favorite one from my Dad's fragrances. Really I wish to buy it if available.. Sorry it is discontinued !.. Love it love u Daddy 


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