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Tauer Perfumes are the creation of Andy Tauer, a Swiss perfumer with a lot of talent and probably one of the nicest, most generous perfumers around.  Trained as a molecular biologist, in 2005, he left that glamourous molecular biolohgy stuff behind and became a perfumer.

The second perfume he made, L'Air du Desert Marocain, made Perfuemes: The Guide's 5-start masterpiece list.  Tauer took a unique approach to marketing his fragrances, as have many indi perfumers.  He had no big ad budget for marketing, he didn't have a relationship with Barneys or Bergdorf or any other big department store that could put his more luxurious perfumes in front of customers, so he went straight to the internet.

Marketing directly one on one, to perfume bloggers, fragrance forums, Tauer worked tirelessly to get his fragrances in front of the consumer that would appreciate them the most and then start working to get the knowledge of his great creations out in the world - the perfume community.  Once we love something, we talk about it.

Tauer was a blogger too, sharing with us, becoming a part of our community because, well, he was, he was completely one of us.

Tauer's perfumes are inspired by his travels - Lonestar Memories is the American west, leather and old jeans.  Zeta is an ode to the gorgeous linden blossom - all sunshine, with no shadows, the best summer day of your life.  Le Maroc Pour elle is the smell of Morocco in the evening air.

Try a Tauer Perfumes L'Air du Desert Marocain sample and find out why this is a Masterpiece.