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TokyoMilk perfumes is a branch of a Denver-based cosmetics company, Margot Elena, named for its owner, who is also an illustrator and the nose for their perfumes,, Margot Elena Wells, launched in 2006.  The company also makes Lollia and Love + Toast.

Tokyo Milk (TokyoMilk) is official named TokyoMilk Parfumarie Curiosite and they have cute, whimsical packaging for not just their line of perfumes, but also the body products, lip balms, and candles, along with a line of greeting cards.  They found a market in niche perfumes with a unique price point - good perfume in smaller bottles, 1 ounce for under $30.  Normally you can find a cheap perfume or a good perfume, but a well-made perfume at that price point was a big hit, not just with the younger customer, but with anyone who wanted a few fragrances that were different, but didn't want too much of them.  Well,  yeah, we get that, that's why we are in the perfume decant business!  You can get even smaller quantities of the Tokyomilk fragrances.

Dark was added to the TokyoMilk line in 2011 with edgier names like Crushed, Tainted Love, Arsenic, Bittersweet, Everything & Nothing and La Vie La Mort.  These were pretty much the opposite of their original line of perfumes - Eden, I want Candy, Dead Sexy, Kabuki.

ToykoMilk also includes the Femme Fatale series and the Fate & Fortune series, which are also part of the Dark perfumes.

Tokyo Milk has attracted quite a bit of press in Marie Claire, Lucky and Martha Stewart Weddings, which reflects the growing popularity of this cute, kitschy little brand.

Try a TokyoMilk Dead Sexy perfume sample as an example of their Dark Series.  Or try TokyoMilk Poe's Tobacco perfume sample as an example of their original series of perfumes.  Notes of Tabac, tea leaves, amberwood and autumn apple.  Or get a TokyoMilk Sample Pack to experience 25 of their perfumes.


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