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Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is an indie oil/fragrance house which specializes in dark, romantic, Gothic fragrances. They have quite a cult following and have been in business for over 15 years.  There are numerous Internet fan sites and their fragrances are considered quite collectable.   Headed by Elizabeth Barrial and Brian Constantine, their very artistic scents are magickal, pagan and mythological blends, horror/Gothic themed, Comic Book, Renaissance, Medieval and Victorian formula scents.  They take their inspiration from art, mythology, folk superstitions, voodoo, classical literature, historical figures; just about anywhere.  All of their fragrances are oils and come in a 5ml bottle.  In addition, they sell samples of all of their fragrances except for the Limited Edition ones.  They samples are called Imp's Ears or to those in the know – imps.

They have a large inventory of regular and themed scents.  Some of the categories that their fragrances fall under are:  Bewitching Brews, Diabolus, Mad Tea Party, Periodic Table, Sin & Salvation, Steamworks, Wanderlust, Carnaval Diabolique, Paranorman, Labyrinth, Fraggle Rock, The Last Unicorn, Hellboy, Witchblade and Lady Death.

BPAL releases numerous Limited Edition fragrances which are available anywhere from one day to several months.  They release special Valentine, Halloween and Christmas fragrances as well as “lunacy” or “moon” scents each month to coincide with the full moon.  Fragrances are also periodically retired adding to their collectability.

BPAL does a lot of charitable, not for profit ventures, with proceeds from the sales of their oils going to various things such as the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and Hero Initiative as well as many others.

Their fragrances are vegan with the exception of those containing honey or beeswax.

In addition to their website they also actively sell on Etsy and eBay.  They also have a sister site – Black Phoenix Trading Post that specializes in treasures such as glassware, jewelry, artwork and clothing.  They create a matching t-shirt that goes with each month's A Little Lunacy oil blend.