CARNIVAL/FAIRGROUNDS Sampler - Set of Ten 1/2ml Samples

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All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume…


All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume before you invest in a bottle. Unfortunately, we cannot refund any product that you do not like. If you are new to perfume or wanting to break out of wearing the same scent, try our starter sampler packs so that you can find the perfume that works for you.


You can smell the funnel cakes, and hot sun on the asphalt, the petting zoo, the plastic bag the cotton candy is in, the oil and grease of the cheap carnival rides, the trees hanging low and heavy in the humidity, fresh cut grass. The smell of summer. There are few things that say "carnival" more than the scent of freshly spun cotton candy and funnel cake bubbling in the deep fryer. The bright lights and whizzing, whirling rides are beckoning. The sounds and smells are seductive sirens of the season.

The midway is filled with scents from animals and vehicles and the mechanical smells generated by the rides. But, perhaps the favorite range of aromas is from the food prepared on cookers, fryers, and griddles and offered by vendors ready to tempt the taste buds of lovers of fair food. Moments after walking through the gates, fair-goers can hear young and old alike as they catch a whiff of their favorite delicacies and start talking about their favorite fair food. 

You will receive a 1/2ml sample (1ml sample vial filled half full) of each of the fragrances in this sampler. You also have the option of choosing a 1ml sampler. 

  1. Solstice Scents Foxcroft Fairgrounds EDP - Cotton candy, cream soda, vanilla taffy, Gridling's funnel cakes, powdered sugar, crisp fall air, woodsmoke and a tendril of incense. Crisp fall air carries on it the scents of the bustling Autumn Festival held at the Foxcroft fairgrounds. Dazzling colors, scents of sugared delights and a myriad of sounds overwhelm and delight the senses. Pink cotton candy pillows adorn needle thin sticks accompanied by large frosty vanilla cream sodas. Sticky vanilla salt water taffy and Gridling's funnel cakes blanketed in confectioner's sugar threaten to send blood sugar soaring far past the top of the Ferris wheel and on towards Polaris. The fresh outdoor autumn air weaves around the sweet treats with a hint of dirt, leaves and moss laced with woodsmoke. Exotic tendrils of incense escape from underneath the tent flaps, swirling around you and beckoning you to enter. 
  2. Serge Lutens Baptême du Feu EDP - A proper carnival is full of light, noise, laughter, activity and, ideally, that exhilarating sense of chaos that makes the world feel topsy-turvy and just the right amount of dangerous. Inspired by the funfairs of Serge Lutens' youth, Bapteme du Feu is a stroll through a gleefully disorienting boardwalk featuring the wonderfully discordant notes of sweet delights, animalic musk and the acerbic gunpowder of the carnival shooting range. As in previous Lutens creations, his favorite childhood treat of gingerbread plays a central role, but the sweet ginger is offset with the bitterness of burnt orange peel and galvanized with the striking, metallic tang of gunpowder. With notes of burnt orange peel, gunpowder, gingerbread, fresh ginger, cedar, incense, cinnamon, osmanthus and castoreum.
  3. Red Deer Grove Carny Cologne - You travel with the carnival, you’re never in one spot long enough to draw too much attention. The bright colors and the lights draw them like moths, and there you’ll be, ready to burn their little wings. It’s a good life, if you’re smart enough to be yourself. To make your own fun. Candy corn, greasy funnel cake, cotton candy, sour dust, old wood, gun oil, stale earth, flattened grass, and a breath of rotten ice at its core. Something searing, something wrong, something evil at its base. There’s always screaming at the carnival. 
  4. SP Parfums Funfair Extrait de Parfum - Funfair is a collaboration between SP Parfums and Miguel Matos. One of Miguel’s earliest memories is the smell of churros, a cinnamon-vanilla pastry, layered with “nag champa” incense sticks. With notes of sea breeze, churros, nag champa, incense accord, saffron, cotton candy and white woods. 
  5. Black Baccara Shadows and Sugar Perfume Oil - The remnants of an abandoned carnival in a winter field haunt this blend where leather and smoke mingle with the scent of melting candy, wet soil, rubber, fire and vanilla rooted in damp earth and potting soil. A dark, smoky, gourmand fragrance with notes of burning embers, potting soil, cotton candy, vanilla and scorched sugar. 
  6. Deep Midnight Perfumes Midnight on the Midway Perfume Oil - The gates have closed but the tantalizing smells of a bonfire and warm mini donuts fill the air along with a faint and familiar perfume that draws you in deeper towards the midway towards the tents in the very back of the fairgrounds where who knows what magical world will await you. Windswept leaves help you float along. It's midnight now and the real performances will begin. With notes of sugared donuts, charred wood, brown sugar, dark amber, cinnamon and fall leaves. 
  7. MMM Replica Funfair Evening EDT - This fragrance will transport you to the memory of the sound of laughter and playful melodies floating across the warm night air where smells of cotton candy and happiness fill the air and envelop you in its festivity. With top notes of petitgrain, sweet apple, pear ester, star anise and neroli; middle notes of Moroccan rose, tuberose and orange blossom; and base notes of ambrox, white musk, vanilla and caramel.
  8. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Stormclouds Over the Midway Perfume Oil - Lightning splits the sky, illuminating the skeletal skyline of the carnival rides: sugared incense, flickering blue musk and night-blooming flowers. 
  9. Andromeda's Curse Wheel Perfume Oil - The scent of carnival food fills the air as curious patrons wander past games of chance - smoke from distant bonfires drifts by. With notes of cotton candy, candied apple, buttered popcorn, sticky caramel, woodsmoke and vanilla. 
  10. Cult Fragrances King of the Carnies Perfume OilHe's responsible for the sleaze and grime of the Autumnal Carnival. A barbarous leader with a liking of the darkness. He shelters the destitutes and roustabouts and feeds them any lost visitor in his Midway. King of the Carnies tends toward a masculine blend of fleshy pumpkin, caramel corn, pipe tobacco, woodsmoke, fried dough, a flash of bourbon, dead leaves, barn hay and vetiver. Imagine an autumn carnival that only opens at midnight -- this fragrance is a combination of familiar and mysterious. The notes create memories of carnival fun, then corrupts itself with a ravenous underbelly.


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