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Cartier perfume, not just watches and jewelry.  This French origin jewelry design house approached fragrance in 1981 and with their early releases it was clear, their seductive creations were as fine as their jewelry.  Founded in 1847 by Louis-Francois Cartier, it was then run by his son Alfred before his sons Louis, Pierre and Jacques took over in 1874.  Alfred’s sons that were responsible for the worldwide brand name.   An aviator friend of Louis Cartier complained about his difficulties with using pocket watches while flying and in 1904 the “Santos” was created, Cartier’s first wristwatch.  By 1907 this watch manufacturer branched out New York and London quickly becoming a world brand. 

Sometime after the death of Pierre, Jacques’s son, Louis’s son and Pierre’s daughter who headed the affiliates in London, New York and Paris, respectively, sold the businesses.  In 1972, Joseph Kanoui led a group of investors and bough Cartier Paris.  “Les Must de Cartier” was coined by President Robert Hocq meaning something one simply must have and the introduction of new products began.  Cartier merges with “Les Must de Cartier” in 1981 and the next year launched their first jewelry collection, headed by Micheline Kanoui called “Nouvelle Joaillerie”.  This same year saw the launch of Must de Cartier and Santos de Cartier perfumes. 

Must de Cartier, an Oriental-spicy fragrance which launched in 1981, was created by Jean-Jacques Diener.   It was said to have been inspired by the animalic-vanilla base of Shalimar and the green top of Aliage, thus he wanted to change the top note to galbanum from bergamot and wanting it more animalic than Shalimar gave it an extra dose of civet.   Cartier went on to create Declaration, an original Cartier perfume for men, Delices de Cartier for women and celebrated the Chinese culture by creating Baiser du Dragon Cartier perfume.  Panthere is an exotic Cartier perfume with blended woody tones and jasmine, rose and orange blossom. 

Cartier contracted with Mathilde Laurent to create the artistically exquisite Les Heures collection.

You can discover the house of Cartier fragrances with perfume samples of Cartier Delices de Cartier Pure Parfum, Cartier Must de Cartier Parfum, or sample all 9 of their 2009 introduction of the Les Heures du Parfum exclusive collection. 



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