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Iunx perfumes is a French Perfume company specializing in niche perfumes launched by perfumer Olivia Giacobetti.  She has created over the life of her career some of the best fragrances made, in the niche perfume world and others – Hermes Iris (straightforward, perfect iris), Diptyque Philosykos, L’Artisan Passage D’Enfer (lilies and incense, just spectacular) and L’Artisan Dzing.  Iunx perfumes are sold in one location in the world – in Paris, in a teeny shop next to Hotel Costes. But, hey, it’s Olivia, and I’m a fangirl, so it’s worth the trip.

Iunx was launched in 2005, backed by Shiseido, with a very high-tech atmosphere that was just not right for the time.  It closed, and was re-launched in 2008.  Olivia said upon the re-launch “I have put everything I love in it.”  And she has, this is some of her best, most personal work.  Her perfumes are wisps of a forgotten room, voices you can hear in the next room. 

On some of her perfumes, “L’Ether is the soft and warm smoke escaping from a resin fire, a magnetic vapour, a breath of wood gliding on the skin, pure and embracing.”  On Splash Forte – “A crimson red water that warms up and shakes up. A hot Jamaican water filled with wood and burnt spices.”  On L’Eau Blanche – “Water in the air, the mere presence of a white linen vapour rising from white linen drying in the sun.”  She continues to release a perfume or two from her original 12 perfumes until all are available to the public once again.

In addition to the Iunx listed above - L’Ether, Splash Forte, and L’Eau Blanche - Eau Argentine, Eau Sento de Iunx, Eau Frappee de Iunx and Eau Baptiste are also now available.  7 of the 12 are out there, we wait anxiously for the other 5.