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How Do I find a New Perfume?


There are a few ways to go about finding a new perfume.  You may just be looking for one new scent, and that's it, no other exploration is necessary.  Or you may be thinking maybe a couple? Or a wardrobe?

Either way, getting there follows the same first route, even though you have an option or two at the beginning.

The broadest way, and the one we recommend, is to start with a Beginner Niche & Classic sampler pack configued either by notes or classification for men or women.  This will allow you to try a number of fragrances and narrow down whether the kind of scent that appeals to you is based on its classification (fougere, oriental, gourmand, etc.,) and/or if you like/dislike particular notes.

When your sampler pack arrives, even though you'll want to rip it open and just start sniffing, slow your roll and take your time with it.  The nose gets weary after it's been sniffing a few things, and your perception of what you're smelling is muddied. You can refresh it with  a sniff of coffee beans, but even that won't keep you going forever.  Even after years of sniffing and using every available body part to dab something, we know when the nose is just exhausted and can't sort out what it's smelling anymore.

How to Sample

Sniff from the vial first or dab some on a ribbon, wave it in the air a bit to get the initial alcohol and opening notes blast out of the way. If you like it on the ribbon, you can set it to one side as something you want to try on the skin.  

You will find scents that are not ones you like, and they should go to the other side of the pile for re-testing.  Yes, that's right, we always recommend you test it again.  One day's carrion smell is another day's perfume love.  You don't believe us, but trust that this happens quite often and may happen to you!

After Sorting

Once you've done the sorting into - 

  • like, want to try
  • hate, want to throw away, but won't, will try again later
  • maybe, maybe not, not feeling it either way
- then you can start putting some perfume on your skin.  Oh, you already did that, didn't you? Well, start making notes now.  Jot down what the prominent note is in the fragrances you like and dislike or what classification it is.  If you start to find a theme, you may be able to eliminate a classification of scents entirely as ones that will likely never work for ou.  You may also be able to include notes or classifications as definites that you want to keep exploring.

The notes you make now about how you feel about each of these scents will be invaluable later on, as you find out what I said above is true - you fall in love with that thing you hate today.

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