Sixteen92 Solstice Bonfire

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All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume…


All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume before you invest in a bottle. Unfortunately, we cannot refund any product that you do not like. If you are new to perfume or wanting to break out of wearing the same scent, try our starter sampler packs so that you can find the perfume that works for you.


Solstice Bonfire is a limited edition holiday scent. It is a smoky, boozy atmospheric fragrance featuring notes of dark rum, grey ash, black amber, firewood bales, pine needle, charcoal, cedar and billowing smoke on crisp winter air. Solstice Bonfire is a parfum.

Sixteen92 produces small-batch fine fragrance inspired by history, literature, lore and magic. 


Reddit: I’m getting a lot of the grey ash and firewood that hasn’t been burned yet. The smoke in this is that classic S92 chimney smoke/soot mixed with cold air. It's different from the realistic bonfire or woodsmoke I get from This is My Costume or Panteón Viejo de Xoxocotlán. The pine and cedar are giving me the same deep green cologne I get from Vlad Dracul, but it stays in the background while the wood, ash, and sooty smoke are most prominent. Makes me imagine walking through an old city that borders the same forest with the smell of everyone's sooty chimneys heavy in the air. 

Reddit: Heavy woodsmoke and charred wood with cold air- pretty much just what it says! I pick up on a TINY bit of the rum but not too much, which is ok because rum is one of the worst notes on my skin (it turns instantly to plastic). Lots of throw!This is a pretty realistic bonfire scent and I like it but can’t see myself wearing it.