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All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume…


All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume before you invest in a bottle. Unfortunately, we cannot refund any product that you do not like. If you are new to perfume or wanting to break out of wearing the same scent, try our starter sampler packs so that you can find the perfume that works for you.


Estate Vanilla is a sophisticated vanilla carefully constructed to emphasize the hint of a woody, chocolaty, slightly earthy note you get when smelling a fresh vanilla bean pod -- the tiny hint of boozy extract and a creamy note reminiscent of French vanilla. It contains Solstice Scents' hand-tinctured organic vanilla beans and a variety of essential oils and synthetics to create a rich, sweet, deep, creamy, ethereal vanilla. Estate Vanilla is relatively linear and consistent smelling as it wears and the overall effect is a complex vanilla-focused fragrance. It has a mix of sugar infused with vanilla, French vanilla, cream, raw vanilla pods, a hint of boozy vanilla extract, and even a subtle marshmallow note. 

Created as part of a collection of fragrances based on the fictional town of Foxcroft, Maine, Estate Vanilla is an eau de parfum, edp.


Fragrantica: This is vanilla at it's best, with every facet and angle detectable during it's drydown evolution.Pure, but complex. Estate opens dark, broody, and intense, with a deep, dense, earthy vanilla and hints of sweet smoke. This is my favorite part; the contrast between the sweet smoke and browned, caramel-y vanilla is not foody, but it makes my mouth water. Estate then transitions to a woody, resinous vanilla with hints of french vanilla creamer- the good kind. It's not gourmand, thanks to the woods, but I also wouldn't mind tasting it. I can definitely pick up vanilla-extract-type vanilla here. The dark aspects fade away and yield a tranquil, smooth, white-ambery vanilla and boozy tones near the end. I can pick up the softest waft of marshmallow vanilla here, but again, Estate never goes fully gourmand. The deep drydown yields a more crowd-pleasing buttery vanilla cloud. These vanillas never strike me as any shade lighter than golden, unlike the crisp white and beige vanillas I smell more frequently in other fragrances. Estate maintains a warm, thrumming, radiant hum the whole time.

Fragrantica: The opening smells like brownies soaked in liquor. I’m glad I read the description, because this fragrance is supposed to have rich, chocolately nuances, reminiscent of smelling actual vanilla beans. I don’t love the opening and find it a bit harsh, but thankfully the drydown is much better. This is the closest I’ve found to a fragrance that smells like real vanilla extract. Despite having a cream note, I don’t find it as smooth and creamy as I like my vanillas to be. I’ve also realized that I prefer something resinous and woody to anchor vanilla in a fragrance, and this isn't “round” enough for me. Doesn’t have the best longevity and projection, but still a must try for vanilla lovers.

Fragrantica: This is beautiful - it smells of real natural vanilla - FINALLY. It’s so hard to find real vanilla - with the wordwide shortages prices these days are incredibly high for vanilla absolutes and most of my regular suppliers are OOS. This is a very expensive perfume to produce - it’s absolutely packed with beautiful and real raw materials. I think comparisons to vanilla extract will be natural because for many people that will be the only opportunity they’ve had to smell a product that is made from real vanilla bean as opposed to ethyl vanillin, caramel furfural and the other aromachemicals that go into the creation of synthetic vanilla accords. This - however - doesn’t smell like straight vanilla extract... There’s the beautiful depth of the absolute that captures more depth - more of the subtle warm spicy, rich and caramel like facets of the bean. There’s added creaminess and a tiny little bit of sweetness like a dab of fluffy marshmallow that’s been applied with restraint. It is without a doubt the most natural smelling vanilla perfume I’ve ever tried - because of the high concentration of natural vanilla absolute and tincture the perfume has a very slight brown tinge but that’s only because it’s packed with some of the most expensive ingredients in a perfumer’s palette. I definitely wouldn’t say it’s « too foody » although that’s subjective - if your palate is conditioned to associate natural vanilla exclusively with the products that are used for baking because that is the only context you’ve smelled it then I suppose it would make you think of baking. To me it smells of beautiful absolute - which is quite a bit more prized than simple extract - which I obvioisly see as perfumery and aromatherapy component because it’s not really edible. This is a very unique scent - I’ve yet to come across anything quite like it. It’s absolutely beautiful and is also a great deal.

Fragrantica: This might be my favorite vanilla, it’s really lovely. It’s creamy in a way that reminds me of Tihota. Gourmand and mildly creamy/milky but not overwhelmingly sweet. I get the marshmallow note too, but somehow it’s not juvenile, it also has a depth to it, baking vanilla but a little deeper, really well balanced. It passed the hubby test too, he thinks I smell mellow, like marshmallows.


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