Xerjoff Fragrances is a perfume shop based in Italy, and they trace its lineage back to 1888.

Several fragrance ranges have been produced by Xerjoff. The Shooting Stars collection is inspired by a meteor shower hitting Russia in 1947. Each of the perfumes originally in that line are named after the locations where the meteors hit - Shingl, Ibitira, Lua, Esquel, Dhajala, Oesel, Kobe, Modoc, Tobacco Oroville, Nio, Uden, Dhofar.

Xerjoff released their luxury line, XJ 17/17 later. Now, I'm not meaning to imply that $295 for 50 mls, which is the going price for the Shooting Stars series (non-oud) is cheap and not luxury. Just that the XJ series took it up by a big factor.  Over $700 for 100 mls.  Irisss, despite its price, was the break-out fragrance.  It is just simply one of the best iris fragrances ever made.  Notes of Iris butter, carrot seed, rose absolute, ylang-ylang, rare woods, incense, musk. The raw materials in this are superb, and the iris absolute is from Robertet and absolutely is the most exquisite compound.  If you like iris fragrances, despite the cost to try it, this is one you really have to try a tiny squidge.  It may spoil you forever from any other iris perfume.  It is loaded up with the orris butter that goes for about $75,000 a kilo.  Yeah, exactly orris butter is more than smack (See Nasomatto for standard disclaimer on my lack of knowledge except for what I learn on Breaking Bad, which doesn't even deal with smack)

In 2012, Xerjoff launched their tribute line to Arabic perfumery - Oud Stars.  They covered the most oud-heavy approaches to the more "toned-down" oud fragrances and even threw out a gourmand oud in Xerjoff Mamluk, which is simply amazing.

Xerjoff has received a lot of criticism about their pricing, including from me.  It is pricy, but the quality of raw materials is absolutely there to back it up. 

Try a Xerjoff Irisss sample if price is no object - well, at least it's okay to spring a couple of bucks to smell it and swoon.  Try a Xerjoff Oud Stars Gao sample if you are ready to go to the headiest oud-intensive place with a side of animalic skank (not for the faint of heart)