Heeley Parfums is the creation of James Heeley, a designer who was drawn to perfumes.  Born and raised in England, his knowledge about perfumery was increased once he was in Paris.  He met Annick Goutal, and she schooled him on how perfumes are created, the thought process and artistic vision.

Heeley Parfums launched their first perfume, Figuier, which was incredibly lovely and balanced and all the things you hope for from a first launch.  Notes of fig, fig leaves, little lime.  A great rendition of fig.

Heeley perfumes are all bottled in recyclable packaging, simple and elegant.  He’s also made some unexpected names for his perfumes, like Oranges and Lemons Say the Bells of St. Clement’s and Hippie Rose Esprit du Tigre and Ophelia.

In 2012 Heeley introduced three extraits into the line – L’Amandiere, Bubblegum Chic and Agarwoud.  Bubblegum Chic has notes of tuberose, jasmine and white musk, and Heeley describes it as a fetish fragrance. Agarwoud is oud, meditative, with notes of oud, rose, amber and incense. L’Amandiere is all spring with notes of green almond, jasmine, rose and tilia.

Some of the most well-known perfumes in the Heeley line are:

Sel Marin is a gorgeous salty scent, with notes of lemon, Sicilian bergamot, sea salt, seaweed, vetiver, birch and cedar. 

Cardinal is deeply meditative, notes of incense, cistus, grey amber, patchouli and vetiver.

Esprit du Tigre is interesting because it is inspired by Tiger Balm, the thing you rub all over your shoulders when you’ve been lifting all day.  Notes of camphor, mint, clove and cardamom.

Ophelia is romantic, a perfect wedding perfume, with notes of Italian orange, green flower stems, ylang, tuberose, moss and white musk.

Heeley Parfums has built a strong line-up of perfumes, and there is a lot to recommend it.  With this variety, it would be easy for anyone to find a perfume in this line to love.


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