MEM Company was a toiletries and cosmetics company founded in 1883 in Vienna, Austria. MEM moved to the US in the late forties and became known for fragrances such as English Leather and Timberline.

In 1996 the company was acquired by Renaissance Cosmetics.

Meanwhile, Renaissance continued its acquisitions strategy. In late 1996, it spent $41.5 million to buy rights to 11 perfumes from Procter & Gamble. These included Navy, Navy for Men, Toujours Moi, and Jaclyn Smith's California. Almost simultaneously with the Procter & Gamble deal, Renaissance acquired the men's fragrance line of a company called MEM. The MEM scents included the classic English Leather, as well as Heaven Scent, Love's, and British Sterling. The MEM and Procter & Gamble scents were sold to more than 1,000 mass market retailers at approximately 25,000 stores across the United States. Renaissance also believed that Procter & Gamble's scents in particular could enjoy greater sales internationally. The company had to refinance its debt to bring off these two 1996 acquisitions. That year Renaissance also bought a cosmetics company, Nat Robbins. Nat Robbins had a line of color cosmetics that were sold in mass market outlets like the ones that featured Renaissance's perfumes.