Thierry Mugler ventured into perfume in 1992, almost 20 years after his first fashion collection.  He didn't do it with anything timid or small. His first fragrance was the iconic, best-selling and just as much loathed Thierry Mugler Angel.

But let's back up.  Mugler enjoyed a great career as a fashion designer, putting out urban, sophisticated clothing, both men's and women's.  He also wrote books that included photographs and his designs.  He's directed short films and other video projects.  He is frequently asked to design for movies. One of his most famous designs was the little black dress Demi Moore wore in "Indecent Proposal."  Mugler has designed costumes for and also directed Cirque du Soleil productions.  He has worked as artistic designer for Beyonce, including staging, choreography and lighting.

Thierry Mugler is an artist in every sense of the word.  When he made his first fragrance, Thierry Mugler Angel, it is small surprise that this was not just another designer perfume; it was a fragrance that completely redefined what scent should be.  Launched in the middle of the clamor for "fresh" scents, it was anything but.  Praline, chocolate patchouli, this was not just a gourmand, it was The Gourmand.  And he launched it in a little star-shaped bottle. With a name like Angel, in a star-shaped blue bottle, what sprayed out of it was shocking.

Walk down any street in Paris, and what you will smell is Thierry Mugler Angel.  It is one of the best-selling perfumes in France, and it is everywhere.  Angel is loathed because of the heavy hand it is applied with.  It can be a gloriously beautiful perfume in small drops, which will, trust me, radiate like they were the Sun.  Light application of Angel is beautiful, especially in some of the limited edition extraits he did later.

Thierry Mugler went on to create Thierry Mugler Cologne, A*Men, Alien and Womanity, along with a lot of limited edition flankers that quickly sold out and demand premium prices on eBay, like A*Men Coffee and A*Men Pure Malt.

Try a Thierry Mugler Angel perfume sample to see what all the fuss has been about.

Thierry Mugler

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