Zoologist Perfumes is a unique perfume company based in Toronto, Canada.  It was founded by Victor Wong in 2013, and in a very short time has garnered rave reviews, winning an Art and Olfaction Award in 2016 for Zoologist Bat.  

Focusing on animals, they have created perfumes about them and their smells and habitats, along with adorable artwork on their bottles to depict the Bat, Macaque, Hummingbird, Nightingale, Beaver, Panda, and Rhinoceros.  Putting them on will transport you to somewhere else, wrapping you up in an otherness that is weirdly comforting in its strange.

Zoologist Perfumes do not use animal products in any of their perfumes and do note with a * beside a note if it is a synthetic note.  After an initial launch, they added Macaque and Nightingale to the line in fall 2016.




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