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Creed perfumes was founded by James Henry Creed.  The first shop was opened in London in 1760 as the House of Creed tailoring.  It has now been in business for over 200 years, only part of them as a perfume shop.

Creed moved all of its operations to Paris in 1854.

The original five fragrances that comprised the Creed Private Collection are said to have been designed for Hollywood stars.  Fleurissimo was commissioned for Grace Kelly. Angelique Encens for the Bishop of Paris, but was later co-opted by Marlene Dietrich (now discontinued and the original is said to have real ambergris in it).

Creed Green Irish Tweed remains one of the best-selling men's fragrances in the niche perfume industry.  Their newer scent, Creed Aventus, gets rave reviews and brisk sales.  Creed Royal Oud was voted by Basenotes readers as the Best Men's Fragrance of 2012.  Creed Love in Black was created as a tribute to Jackie Kennedy, and is one of the underrated scents in the line.  Creed Love in White has become a top pick for best perfumes for romance.

If you are interested in historical perfumes that have become modern, this line is a great place to start.  Try a Creed Green Irish Tweed fragrance sample  or Creed Aventus fragrance sample as a great example of one of Creed's best perfumes for men.  Try a Creed Fleurissimo perfume sample as an example of one of the best perfumes for a wedding.

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