Sometimes, a product line that’s part of the high end of fashion and fragrance takes on a whole new approach to its formulation and presentation when compared to everyone else in the industry. With regards to the perfume industry, few if any could claim to be as unique as Frederic Malle. Malle is an icon in the scent world, and there are many reasons for that. One that stands out is his completely open minded nature when it comes to the scents he and his team produce and the packaging in which it’s presented to the public. Everyone who works with him has a say in how things are done and everyone who puts together the bottles, boxes and the like are able to express themselves. 

When it comes to the actual scents involved, Malle is known for combining them such that they are largely unisex, but none of them veer so far over to the masculine side of things that they turn off the female demographic. People from around the world continuously clamor for Malle’s products, but they can be very difficult to find and if they are found, they can also be very expensive.

That’s not the case with Surrender to Chance. We offer a full line of products from Frederic Malle, as you’ll see below. Take a look and find something you like, and you can try it or them out without spending too much money. That’s the other benefit – our choices are extremely affordable. Get into our inventory now and get ready to adorn yourself with scents that everyone will be asking you about.



Frederic Malle

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