Amouage Perfumes is over 25 years old. Headquarted in Oman and founded by the Sultanate of Oman, Amouage means "waves of emotion" in the Arabic language. Amouage's brand has always been based on luxury - the finest raw materials for their perfumes and hiring the best perfuming talent to create the perfumes.

Amouage initially hired the legendary Guy Robert (deceased 2012) to create the first two signature fragrances for their brand - Gold Woman and Gold Man. Blending the traditional perfume materials from Arabic perfume-making (frankincense, rose, oud) with French traditional perfumery, Guy Robert created two scents that clearly have their roots in the East, but feel very French. Opulent, luxurious perfumes, Amouage Gold put Amouage on the map.

Amouage Gold was the brand, and they drifted a little until hiring Christopher Chong as their Creative Director in 2007 with the goal of making Amouage an international brand. Christopher Chong was born in Hong Kong, raised in New York and now resides in London. His career and background is in fashion, arts and music, and he brings a full-bodied artistic sensibility to the House.

After a redesign of the perfume bottles, and under Chong's artistic vision, Amouage launched a series of fragrances that remained true to the brand's vision of luxury, using excellent raw materials, but expanded their range to a global market.

Each launch of an Amouage perfume includes a woman's fragrance and a man's fragrance. The exception to this was their attar range, which was not as widely available in the United States as their regular line of fragrances. The attars were discontinued in 2014.

Amouage perfumes, under the direction of Christopher Chong, has been redefining the niche perfume industry - with bold vision behind their new perfume launches - setting the benchmark for what is possible in the luxury perfume brand market, allowing perfumers to successfully achieve the vision for each perfume sans budgetary restraints.

If you want to experience the perfumes of this luxury perfume house, try a Amouage Jubilation perfume sample for men or women, which were the 25-year anniversary perfume releases, or check out an Amouage Interlude perfume sample for women or men as one of the best perfumes Amouage has made.

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