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Best Men's Colognes - Retro and Vintage Classics

We also have an evolving list of Modern Best Men's Colognes

So what are the Best Men's Colognes from the Retro and Vintage Classics? We have a large selection of some of the best.  We also have some picks for our favorites - either because they are perennial best sellers or because they are great examples of a type or were a breakthrough at the time they were first introduced. These are some of our, perfume critic's and our customer's top picks:

  • Armani Acqua di Gio - This has been selling great since it was introduced in 1997. A classic citrus woods - it it not expensive, easy to find, well made and smells great! It doesn't project a lot, so it's great for the office. It is just a great classic - it followed the Armani image of the 1990s, elegant, luxurious while being clean and not fussy.
  • Bvlgari Black - Unisex, distinctive, and it's not for everyone, but if it works, yikes! It is amazing. It is black smoking vanilla and not like anything else. It opens like burning tires on a summer Texas highway, then evens out to a gorgeous smoky vanilla - just give it time, though my favorite part is that crazy big open! It is unique in its construction; Annick Menardo did not use the traditional olfactory pyramid at all.
  • Creed Green Irish Tweed - This has been a classic men's fougere cologne since it was launched in 1985.  Easy to wear, it is perfect for almost any setting.
  • Dior Dune - This is one of the newer classics, launched in 1991. It is weird and dry and crazy fun to wear.  
  • Dior Fahrenheit - A woody floral that was a classic almost from the time it launched in 1988. A perennial best-seller at a great price point.
  • Dior Eau Sauvage - Has any guy not worn this cologne at some point? Created in 1966, made by the legendary Edmond Roudnitska, it is a always a popular and well-worn men's classic. Distinctively masculine, without putting too fine a point on it, despite the name.
  • Geoffrey Beene Grey Flannel - An oriental woody cologne, it was launched in 1975. It is old school that wears well, and it comes at a great price.
  • Guerlain Vetiver - The standard vetiver cologne. Created by Jean-Paul Guerlain in 1961, it is one of the all-time best men's colognes. If you aren't sure if you like vetiver in a fragrance, start here.
  • Guerlain Jicky - This isn't just a men's fragrance, but if you want to explore the all time great men's colognes, this is also a great one to start with. It is a reference point for not just men's, but women's fragrances. In other words, it is on every fragrance "Must Try" list.
  • Hermes Bel Ami - Launched in 1986, this is a classic leather cologne. Clean, warm, spiced leather, it is restrained, giving just the right amount of throw. I also consider this a great reference point for men's fragrances.
  • Knize Ten - This has been around forever - 1920s forever. It is a much bigger leather fragrance than Hermes Bel Ami. Leather and woods with a bit of ambergris to tie it all together.


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