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B Never too Busy to be Beautiful perfumes were launched after this British brand debuted in 2003.  Primarily dealing in cosmetics, lotions, makeup and other beauty items, B Never Too Busy to be Beautiful was known for its cute packaging.  A sister company to Lush, B was more posh than its parent company.  The inspiration for B Never Too Busy to Be Beautiful was – “The inspiration had come from playing at my Aunty Penny's dressing table as a child and I wanted to recreate that playfulness and fun.”  The packaging of the products got a lot of its inspiration from India and Morocco. B eventually closed its Carnaby Street store and folded back into the main company, Lush, and the perfume line moved over to a new company called Gorilla perfumes.  Prior to the perfumes created at Be Never Too Busy to be Beautiful, Lush would put out perfumes on a yearly basis, some limited edition, some which stayed in the line.

Perfumers for the line were Mark Constantine and Simon Constantine, and all perfumes are vegan.  Be Never Too Busy to Be Beautiful Breath of God probably got the most attention out of this line since Luca Turin hailed it as a 5-Star Masterpiece in “Perfumes: The Guide.”  Notes of cedarwood, rose, ylang, vetiver, lemon, grapefruit, neroli, black pepper, sandalwood and cade made up the perfume.  Not everyone agreed with Luca, but it sure was an interesting perfume and conversation!  1000 Kisses Deep was another in the line that received some glowing praise with notes of myrrh, resinoid, labdanum, coumarin, osmanthus, lemon and orange mandarin.

Gorilla Perfume currently has a lineup of several perfumes, also created by Mark Constantine and Simon Constantine, most of them new, but a few that had been in the B lineup, like Dirty.  Lush has at this point phased out of the perfume business directly, except through Gorilla Perfume.

B Never Too Busy to Be Beautiful

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