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Tom Ford, an American fashion designer and film director (A Single Man in 2009 staring Colin Firth and Julianne Moore) was born in Austin, Texas, in the early 60's.  Two of his early role models in fashion were his mother and grandmother.    At an early age of 17 he landed at New York University, later dropped out and move to Los Angeles and supported himself acting in television commercials.  Moving back to New York he began studying architecture and during his final year of study switched to fashion.  He realized that every architectural project he did he snuck a dress into it.  

He started in fashion with sportswear designer Cathy Hardwick.   He moved from there to designing jeans for Perry Ellis and in 1990 he assumed to role of Womenswear Designer for Gucci.  He rose through Gucci ranks and revamped their image.  He drove Gucci's market from 1994 to 2004.  

Tom Ford founded his own company in 2005 with menswear, eyewear and beauty products.  He went to the cover of Vanity Fair wearing Tom Ford Brand menswear in 2006.   In 2005 Tom Ford and Estee Lauder formed a partnership to develop fragrances and cosmetics.  Tom had previously created very successful ad campagins for Yves Saint Laurent Opium and M7 now preparing for his first fragrance.  

The Estee Lauder and Tom Ford alliance created their first fragrance, Black Orchid, in 2006.  After a launch of several successful fragrances for men and women Tom Ford Private Blend was introduced in 2007 with Purple Patchouli.  His Private Blend line started with 12 and has grown to a very large collection!  

Choose a Tom Ford fragrance sample of Tom Ford Black Orchid or Tom Ford Private Blend Tobacco Vanille for a sniff of his wonderful  creations.  Enjoy!!

Tom Ford

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